Wall 1-1 | inkjet prints, wood frames | diptych, overall 48 × 125.5 cm

Wall 1

inkjet prints, wood frames | 2015-2022

The two diptychs of framed photos question how visual spaces arise in photographic images. The materials used to create these images – the foam boards and snippets of printed photos – are no more than 5mm thick, but the perspective let the viewers imagine deep abstract spaces. While the pictures show the shadows and the reflections of the materials as images, the frames cast real shadows and reflections on the pictures and the walls they hang on, connecting the real and imaginary spaces as well as blurring the border between them.

Wall 1-2 | inkjet prints, wood frames | diptych, overall 55 × 72.5 cm
Wall (study) | installation view at Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany | 2015